Our Difference...Technically...
Don't trust your valuable equipment to just anyone. We are Microsoft DESKTOP SUPPORT GOLD PARTNERS and an Apple Authorized service provider plus we maintain a state-of-the-art, STATIC free service facility. A more highly trained, experienced and professional staff does not exist anywhere else in the retail world, and we are right in your back yard. Our culture of serving the customer is well documented in our testimonials. Every single member of our technical staff is a degreed Computer Science graduate who takes immense personal pride in their profession. Uniquely, each technician and engineer is comprehensively trained by Computer SuperCenter and is BOTH Apple certified and Microsoft certified.

...and only $99 to $199

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"Run over by Motorcycle... We got the Data!

Our Retail Service Facility is truly a
resource for customers in our region.

Our proficiency in Data Recovery
is well documented.


Service Offerings

Blackberry/Outlook Syncing or Troubleshooting Memory and Hard Drive Upgrades
Data Transfer, including setup of e-mail and files
Field Repair on Customer Premises
HDTV Mounting
iPhone/Outlook Syncing or Troubleshooting Laptop Hinge Repair
Laptop Screen Repair Laptop Spill Remediation
Legacy Mac Repair Microsoft Network Integration
Network Installation (Wired & Wireless) Network Troubleshooting
New Computer Installation OS X Troubleshooting
Outlook/Entourage Migration

Outlook Express Migration to Full Outlook

PC to Mac Data Migration including set up mail files
Software Installation Sound System Installation

Virus/Spyware/Adware/Malware Removal

Windows Installation on Mac's
Windows Troubleshooting Apple Server Installation in OS X or Microsoft Networks


computer service center Connecticut

Our Retail Service Center is Second to None.

quality control center
Quality Control is Our Promise.



What To Expect...

Computer SuperCenter has a system to deliver World Class Customer Service. Customers need not make an appointment; just walk in to discuss a problem or need, and we'll take a quick look at the machine to determine if a service work order is required. No charges so far.

Most jobs are accepted on a Flat Rate basis of between $99 and $199 plus parts. All work is performed on a first come-first serve basis, typically fully diagnosed and completed in two to five days after check in, depending on the problem. Expedited service is available for emergencies.

Every service job starts with a comprehensive set of diagnostics, requiring between 2 and 5 hours of machine time. This assures that we are not attempting a software fix when a hardware repair is required. We never replace a part unless it fails either a diagnostic or practical test. Next, we perform a full software assessment to determine if Operating System corruption, Software corruption or malware is present. Only then do we go about proving and documenting a solution. Click to see a sample Technical Service Report.

If necessary, once a diagnostic is complete, we communicate with the customer regarding the need for a part. All jobs awaiting parts are completed on the same day in which the part is received. Completed jobs receive an 8-point Quality Control check before the equipment is returned to the customer. Customers are encouraged to perform thier own practical test at our Quality Control Station before leaving us. Click to see a sample Quality Control Report. Finally, we provide a checklist and specific instructions for each customer to perform when they place equipment back into service at home or office. There are no surprises, and if you have any trouble, simply give us a call. Click to see a sample Customer Next Steps.Yes, we answer the phone because we really care!


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